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Private Voice with Ms. Caroline

(privately scheduled classes

beginning February)


Kerri Smith Irish Dance Academy

108 Bright Street

Jersey City NJ

Open to all students

City Kidz Playhouse is thrilled to introduce private voice classes with the talented Ms. Caroline! A seasoned performer, singer-songwriter, and dedicated teacher, Ms. Caroline brings a wealth of experience and passion to each lesson.


About Ms. Caroline:

✨ BA in Theatre Arts/Musical Theatre from Marymount Manhattan College.

✨ Originating from Great Falls, VA.

✨ A lifelong learner – started voice lessons at the age of 10.


🎶 What Sets Ms. Caroline Apart?

Ms. Caroline's teaching philosophy revolves around singing with ease, fostering a healthy vocal technique, and the art of storytelling through song. She believes in nurturing the unique voice within each child, unlocking their full potential as performers.


 The Magic of Singing:

In Ms. Caroline's classes, your child will discover the joy of expressing themselves through song. From building vocal strength to mastering pitch and dynamics, every session is designed to instill confidence and a love for music.


 Meet the Performer:

When not enchanting her students with the magic of singing, you can find Ms. Caroline and her band captivating audiences in and around NYC. Her live performances showcase the skills and passion she instills in her students.

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