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February 7 - April 17, 2023

Wednesdays 4-6pm

Kerri Smith Irish Dance Academy

108 Bright Street

Jersey City NJ

Registration - $25

Tuition $400 (can be broken into monthly payments)

Open to all students in grades 1-5

Is your child a budding performer with dreams of dazzling the stage? Look no further! Introducing our Broadway Kidz Class, where young talents will embark on a magical journey into the enchanting world of Aladdin!


 Discover the Power of Song with Ms. Caroline:

Under the guidance of the talented Ms. Caroline, kids will dive into the art of singing, unlocking the full potential of their voices. With vocal exercises, harmonies, and the iconic tunes from Aladdin Kids, your child will develop confidence and a lifelong love for the joy of music.


Dance into the Spotlight with Ms. Jayme:

Watch your child's moves transform as they learn the secrets of staging and choreography from the incredible Ms. Jayme. From energetic dance numbers to graceful stage presence, our Broadway Kidz will master every step, ensuring a performance that captivates and mesmerizes!


The Grand Finale - A Concert Style Extravaganza!

The class crescendos into a spectacular concert-style performance, where young stars will shine bright on the stage. Family and friends are invited to witness the magic as our Broadway Kidz showcase scenes and songs from the beloved musical Aladdin Kids.

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