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Young Actor's Studio


September 18 - December 4, 2023 
Mondays - 4-5
pm (10 Sessions)

Tuition: $225 (can be broken into payments)


Open to all students in grades 6-12

Class Location:

Kerri Smith Irish Dance Academy

108 Bright Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302

This class explores the basics of the body, the voice, and the imagination in theatre while learning character principles. Students are challenged to create characters and improvise scenes, as well as to engage in exercises in movement and voice – all helping to build resiliency and self-confidence. Working as an ensemble, students are introduced to more challenging scripts, scenes, and monologues. Hands-on instruction in acting, creative movement, and voice fosters character development through working collectively as an ensemble. 

The exploration of scene study through character development helps the actor expand through the use of spontaneity, creativity, imagination, and humor. 

Instruction in basic acting principles and vocal technique will be emphasized, along with how the body can be used to help tell stories. Students will create characters and improvise scenes, engage in scene study, and present monologues.

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